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Imagine the car is waiting in front of your hotel. Then you are taken to a typical village on the hills. From there you walk to the beach, where a longboat will bring you to a wonderful spot for swimming and snorkeling. The captain will teach you how to fish. During this amazing day, you will enjoy a splendid picnic with the best of Maluku's dishes. This is just an example of one of your holiday. With much pleasure we organize your trips to fulfill your travel wishes.

In order to help you get started, a few highlights are summarized of islands and places that are definitely worth visiting!


Ambon is one of the most well known islands of Maluku and furthermore also the capital city of the Maluku islands. Ambon consists of two peninsulas connected by a narrow strip of land. The northern part (Hitu) is much larger than the southern part of the island (Leitimor). Hitu is the more natural side of the island with mountains covered by tropical forests. Leitimor is where most people live and where also the largest city of Ambon City lies.

For all types of tourists Ambon has something to offer. Nature types of tourists definitely will enjoy the hot spring water located in Tulehu village, where you can relax due to the remote places in the middle of the forest. One of the most beautiful beaches can be found at Liang. It really is a day trip from the city but sure worth visiting as on the way you will pass the village "Waai", famous of the holy well, where huge muray eel fishes live. Another beach worth visiting is Natsepa, where several excellent accommodations can be found. A visit to Pintu Kota ( the door of the city) is also a must. This rock protrudes upward in the form of a gate. 

Because of Ambon's rich history, there are alot of historical monuments of which the monument of Christina Martha Tiahahu and the monument of Pattimura are the most famous ones. Well worth visiting are also the world peace gong and the old Dutch Amsterdam Fort. Furthermore the adventure seekers will certainly found pleasure in hill tracking through Naku, snorkeling in Hukurila, or discovering the island by means of a long boat tour.  Ambon has undoubtedly a total package for the relaxing, historical and nature seeking tourists.


Seram is the largest island in southern Maluku Province, and according to localbeliefs it is the "Nusa Ina" or "Mother Island" where all people of Central Maluku once came from. The island is very mountainous and includes the highest mountain in Maluku. It offers excellent trekking opportunities, and has a unique bird species. The wilderness on Seram is beautiful, especially in the central part of the island, where the Manusela National park is. Here you can truly admire the untouched nature. In the jungle you can find several traditional Alifuru villages. By boat you can ascend the Salawai River where you can enjoy the view on the jungle from your boat. Close to Rumahkai village on the west coast are some beautiful waterfalls.

Seram is also rich in beautiful beaches where you can relax and swim. Tanjung Batu Supung is a beautiful beach where you can snorkel. Other attractions are Ora Beach resort and Sawai village on the northern coast with nice accommodation, good snorkelling and interesting off shore islands. Overall a good choice for the adventure seeking travellers!

Haruku, Saparua, Nusalaut

Discover the Lease Islands; Haruku, Saparua and Nusalaut.

Haruku is the closest island situated east of Ambon. Although it lies in the shadow of the more often visited island Saparua, it certainly has enough attractions to surprise the day trip tourists with its old forts and gorgeous beaches. There are not a lot of accommodations, though visitors can arrange a stay with locals if necessary, which makes the trip even more authentic!

Saparua on the other hand has plenty of bungalows, guesthouses, lodges and resorts. Diving tourists often visit this island, as it has some excellent dive spots and beautiful corals. Other nice places for the more culture and history seekers are Duurstede Fort, the daily market in kota Saparua, the traditional baileu's and the pottery makers in Ouw.

Nusalaut is the smallest inhabited island in the Lease group. It is situated just of the southwest corner of Saparua. Highlights on this island are Beverwyk Fort, the monument of heroine Martha Christina Tiahahu in the village of Abubu, Sila (the oldest church in Maluku), a snorkeling and diving spots in the village Ameth and the natural hot spring on the coast near Sila village.

All in all the Lease Group is definitely well worth visiting if you are interested in a combination of relaxing, nature and history.


Isolated from the rest of Maluku, the little islands that make up the Banda archipelago are a wanted tourist destination in Maluku. The volcanic islands are surrounded by colorful coral reefs and pearl white beaches, making it a small paradise. Bandaneira has a wealth of cultural heritage, as there are magnificent forts, colonial houses, mosques and churches to find.  In history, Banda used to be the world's only source of good quality nutmeg. Nowadays the islands have become a quiet backwater, and the colonial architecture have remained very well preserved. Banda offers magnificent possibilities for boat trips and walks in the spice plantations with its nutmeg, clove and cinnamon trees.   The surrounding seas of Banda contains some of the richest marine life in all Indonesia with dolpins, orca's, various whale species, dogtooth tuna's, enormous schools of fusiliers, redtooth triggerfish and the native Ambon scorpionfish. Coral reefs here are largely undamaged. The most beautiful coral reefs are located at the height of the smaller islands Karaka and Ai. There are budget guest houses and a more upmarket hotel in Banda, all beautifully located. Banda also offers a specific cuisine, with amazingly tasty dishes. 

Add this all together and you have a perfect destination for the nature, culture and history seekers.


The Kei Islands (also known as Kai Islands) belong to a group of islands situated south east of Ambon and Seram; including Kei Besar, Kei Kecil, Tanimbar Kei, Kei Dulah, Dulah Laut, Kur, Taam and Tayandu.

The most popular island is Kei Kecil, which is connected by a bridge to the neighboring island of Dullah. The bridge also connects the twin towns of Tual and Langgur. The Kei Islands have the most beautiful beaches of whole Indonesia with a great diversity of marine life with many different sea turtle species and exotic fish types. Pasir Panjang on Kei Kecil is the most famous beach, with a dazzling white sandy beach and seawater as blue as the sky.

In contrast to the flat island Kei Kecil, Kei Besar is mountainous and heavily forested, and therefore more attractive for the active type of tourists. Northern Kei Besar has some of the finest and most accessible rainforest of southern Maluku, where birdwatchers can have rewarding forest walks. Altogether a good choice for the nature and adventure seeking tourists.